Military Recognition Day Is A Hit!

Hinesville, GA—It was 5 am in the morning and Tammy Clark, the General Manager, arrived to open her IHOP Family Restaurant in Hinesville, GA, to find an army of men waiting to come inside. Forty-two military personnel had come for breakfast. That was the start of a banner day at IHOP #3636. It was the 22nd of October, and the first “Military 22 Day” in Hinesville. 

Conceived by Tammy and her team, Military 22 Day is intended to focus awareness of Military Suicide. The US Military reports that, on average, 22 military service members and vets take their own life daily. This is a statistic that has to change and Tammy believes that awareness brings change.

Every month, on the 22nd of the month, IHOP in Hinesville offers all military personnel and veterans 22% off the entire IHOP Menu all day. The soldiers of Ft. Stewart Army Base in Hinesville embraced the IHOP offer, as hundreds throughout the day came to IHOP to eat and mingle. Tammy Clark estimates over 300 military personnel and vets were served that day. Sales for the restaurant were 55% greater than the same day in 2019—before the COVID pandemic.

“And this was with Ft. Stewart still on lock down,” says Tammy about the crowd of soldiers that greeted her that morning. “They loved that we were doing this for them.” Undaunted by the mass of servicemen and women at the restaurant, IHOP #3636’s loyal customers also came to salute the troops. 

Throughout the day, Tammy and her staff would gather in the dining room to salute the soldiers with a round of applause. At noon and at 6 pm, the American National Anthem was played throughout the restaurant to salute the troops.

“I never dreamed it would be this big,” said Tammy of her promotion. “Now that the word is out, we will be prepared for the next Military 22 Day at IHOP.” 

Military 22 Day was promoted throughout the community using posters, digital outdoor, banners and Facebook posts. Press releases were sent to local Savannah, GA, TV, radio and newspaper media.

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Chamber “Morning Coffee” Event Spreads The Word In Beaufort, SC

Ron Matin and his team in Beaufort, SC, sponsored a “Morning Coffee” event on September 30, 2021, in the beautiful Beaufort IHOP Restaurant. A large number of Beaufort “Movers and Shakers” showed up for our famous IHOP Coffee and to sample some of the seasonal pancake offerings at IHOP.

As a new Member of the Beaufort, SC, Chamber of Commerce, the Beaufort IHOP Family Restaurant plans to be a contributing member of the Beaufort Community,

“Joining the Chamber of Commerce in our neighborhood market is one of the best ways we can support the community and good will among businesses,” said Eagles Landing Vice-President, Ron Matin. Ron was there to greet the Beaufort Chamber President, Ian Scott. IHOP hopes to participate in future Chamber Events, like the upcoming “Military Appreciation Day”, one of the largest community events of the year in Beaufort.

Ron Matin, ELR VP of Operations with Ian Scott, Beaufort Chamber President

Visit the Baeafort Chamber of Commerce website

Salute To Fallen Heroes in Wilmington IHOP

Wilmington IHOP Restaurant Salutes Our Fallen Troops

Rebecca Smith and her team at the Eagles Landing IHOP restaurant in Wilmington, NC, are always thinking outside the box and it shows with innovative ideas and action. They created a salute to our fallen soldiers in Afghanistan after the news of a suicide bomber was announced to the nation. Team Wilmington, set up an empty table in recognition of these thirteen American heroes. In addition, they placed thirteen small American Flags along the entrance to their IHOP Family Restaurant. The motivation was heartfelt by all employees to not let the lives of these American soldiers go unnoticed.

The result of their patriotic actions, however, was well deserved recognition not only from local Wilmington, NC, TV and newspapers, but it caught the attention of IHOP Corporate officials too.

We could all do with a little leadership. Thanks Rebecca and company for stepping up and acting on your emotions in the best way. Caring makes all the difference.


WWAY TV News Report, Wilmington NC