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Military Recognition Day Is A Hit!

Hinesville, GA—It was 5 am in the morning and Tammy Clark, the General Manager, arrived to open her IHOP Family Restaurant in Hinesville, GA, to find an army of men waiting to come inside. Forty-two military personnel had come for breakfast. That was the start of a banner day at IHOP #3636. It was the 22nd of October, and the first “Military 22 Day” in Hinesville. 

Conceived by Tammy and her team, Military 22 Day is intended to focus awareness of Military Suicide. The US Military reports that, on average, 22 military service members and vets take their own life daily. This is a statistic that has to change and Tammy believes that awareness brings change.

Every month, on the 22nd of the month, IHOP in Hinesville offers all military personnel and veterans 22% off the entire IHOP Menu all day. The soldiers of Ft. Stewart Army Base in Hinesville embraced the IHOP offer, as hundreds throughout the day came to IHOP to eat and mingle. Tammy Clark estimates over 300 military personnel and vets were served that day. Sales for the restaurant were 55% greater than the same day in 2019—before the COVID pandemic.

“And this was with Ft. Stewart still on lock down,” says Tammy about the crowd of soldiers that greeted her that morning. “They loved that we were doing this for them.” Undaunted by the mass of servicemen and women at the restaurant, IHOP #3636’s loyal customers also came to salute the troops. 

Throughout the day, Tammy and her staff would gather in the dining room to salute the soldiers with a round of applause. At noon and at 6 pm, the American National Anthem was played throughout the restaurant to salute the troops.

“I never dreamed it would be this big,” said Tammy of her promotion. “Now that the word is out, we will be prepared for the next Military 22 Day at IHOP.” 

Military 22 Day was promoted throughout the community using posters, digital outdoor, banners and Facebook posts. Press releases were sent to local Savannah, GA, TV, radio and newspaper media.

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“This could be the BEST IHOP I have ever visited.” Hinesville, GA

Ron Matin, Director of Operations

“I just want to take a minute and let you know how pleased I am with my visit. We went in for breakfast and it was pretty busy. Normally when we go to places that are busy it sometimes feels rushed. Not here. The server was very calm and helpful. She explained some of the menu items that would best fit what we were looking for. Our food came out and it was hot and tasted amazing. A manager named Samantha came and asked us how everything was and if she could get us anything. It was nice to see a manager be involved and walking around to check things out. That really made us feel welcome and wish all places did this. We will definitely be back as they made us feel like family.”

Carol Springstead

Tip Of The Hat

Hats Off To Samantha and the Pooler team.

A Most Happy IHOP on Mother’s Day

This month we feature our Wilmington, NC, IHOP Family Restaurant #3420. Family is a fair title because this signature NC IHOP restaurant serves many customers that are like family, not to mention the many families that dine here often. But another reason why the “family” moniker suits this IHOP is the leadership of Manager, Rebecca Smith. Read about two great employees, Sky and Deandre, in our Employee Spotlight, “A Sky Full of Stars”. After this story, we are happy to say, Deandre has been able to return to this IHOP in his role as cook in kitchen.

Manager, Rebecca Smith and FOH Server Leader, Cheryl Reeves.

Every year, a true measure of our IHOP capabilities is challenged with Mother’s Day. Families love to start Mom’s day right with a delicious big breakfast at IHOP. This Mother’s Day 2021 was no exception. Our Wilmington IHOP was packed, but due to great team work of Rebecca and her team, all went smoothly and IHOP #3420 had a record day. Hundreds of pancakes were served to happy customers, many of which we loyal customers returning to their favorite breakfast spot.

Even to go orders and deliveries were up on this Sunday, but all were served quickly and efficiently with great food, delivered by our partners, Uber Eats, Grub Hub and Door Dash. All thought the paring lot was full, our Reserved To Go Parking and Delivery Pick Up spots came to the rescue for the delivery drivers and patrons.

A highlight of Mother’s Day at this Wilmington IHOP Family restaurant, was serving breakfast to a beautiful lady, Roz and her son, Jeff, and Roz’ dear friend, Lonni. Regular customers at this IHOP, the three guests waited patiently for a table for their Mother’s Day Breakfast. Roz was easy to spot, dressed in a smart black dress and adorable hat.

We discovered that in June of 2021, Roz will celebrate her one-hundred first birthday. She was invited, of course, to come back fro a free stack of pancakes on us.

While many had to wait from 15 minutes to a half-hour for their table, nobody seemed to mind. It was worth the wait and the terrific kitchen staff and waitstaff worked in harmony. It’s was a Mother’s Day to be proud of. We assure Rebecca, Cheryl and her staff of loyal and dedicated employees that truly love working at IHOP because of the “family” atmosphere that Rebecca Smith has created for her restaurant.

Rebecca Smith want to take this opportunity to “congratulate her entire staff of cooks, kitchen personnel, all the fine wait staff and front-of-house employees”. “Thank you for making a busy IHOP Mother’s Day a happy one for all. Come hungry, leave happy!

We salute the entire Front of House team at Wilmington IHOP #3420
We recognize and appreciate the hard working kitchen team at this great IHOP location.