ELR Employee Spotlight

March 10, 2021 Wilmington, NC IHOP 3420


Sky is a valued employee in our Wilmington, NC, IHOP Family Restaurant. Sky loves working at IHOP. That’s why she’s been on the job going on 3 years now. In fact, Sky and Deandre met at the soda machine at this very IHOP. Deandre was a cook in the kitchen and Sky was just starting as a server. Now their beautiful daughter, Zoey, is one year old.

Deandre worked at this same IHOP Restaurant for four years, until COVID-19 caused his hours to be cut back due to the Pandemic. Sky and Deandre made it through the tough year we all experienced in 2020, lock-down and all. Now Sky is back and enjoying increasing traffic and seeing some old friends—the returning customers she enjoys so much. “I may not remember their names, but I remember faces and how they like their food”, says Sky about her regulars.

“I like working here because it’s like family. We enjoy the good times together and help each other through the tough days.”

Sky grew up in Bolton, NC, using her given name “Carrie” but prefers her native American name “Bright Sky”. Sky is a descendant of the Waccama-Siouan Tribe Located predominantly in the southeastern North Carolina counties of Bladen and Columbus.

Customers often ask Sky about her unique name. A customer even asked her once, “How many stars?”.

We’re proud to know Sky, Deandre and little Zoey. Part of the Eagles Landing family. Thank you for the joy you spread every day in your IHOP Restaurant, welcoming hungry customers and making sure they leave happy.