Mohamed Makawi opened his first IHOP Restaurant in the year 2000, in Florence, South Carolina. His company, Eagles Landing Restaurants, LLC, currently owns and operates 20 IHOP Family Restaurants in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

As a 20-year veteran of IHOP International, Mr. Makawi has acquired existing IHOP markets, as well as developed new markets. He is skilled at real estate site selection, up fit and construction and the all-important task of opening a new IHIOP and gaining the support of the community it is intended to serve.

Mohamed Makawi has won numerous IHOP Sales Achievement and Operating Assessment awards.

Each IHOP Restaurant must operate within the IHOP Franchise requirements and recommendations, while at the same time adapt to the needs of the local community. With this strategy in mind, Eagles Landing has been successful in large markets, such Savanah, GA and Augusta, GA and Wilmington, NC, as well as smaller towns and off-Interstate locations.

Eagles Landing, LLC is headquartered in Florence, SC. We now employ over 1,000 full time employees, typically 50 employees per store. We have developed a proven chain-of-command starting with Kal Sharaf, Executive Vice-President, who oversee the daily operation of all properties, to Sr. Director of Operations, Ron Matin, Regional Managers, local Store Managers and Assistant Managers.

Our stores are very responsive to national IHOP promotions, such as introduction of new menu items, as well as special high-visibility promotions, such as the annual National Pancake Day. We are pro-active in our use of point-of-purchase materials in our stores, as well as signs and banners where permitted.